Prepared Water. Reverse Osmosis is used as purification process on water obtained from a private distribution source.

Water Analysis

Mineral CompositionAnalysis Results
Calcium (Ca)< 0,2Hardness Determinant
Soft 0 - 17.1
Magnesium (Mg)< 0,1Hardness Determinant
Soft 0 - 17.1
Sodium (Na)< 22,5≤200
Potassium (K)< 0,1-
Chloride (Cl)7≤300
Sulphate (SO4)< 5≤500
Alkalinity (CaCO3)20-
Nitrate (N)0,5≤11
Fluoride (F)< 0,2≤1.5
Iron (Fe)< 0,02≤2000
Aluminium (Al)< 0,1≤300
TDS12≤1 200
pH6,7≥5.0 to ≤9.7

* The "Limits" represented in this table are as prescribed by SABS, SANS 241-1:2015, Edition 2.


What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (commonly called RO) water has been enjoyed for drinking, manufacturing and other applications for many years. The Reverse Osmosis purification process was originally used by the US Navy to provide water for their submarine crew members – salt from sea water is removed to make a potable beverage enabling their men to stay…

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